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Safe, Secure and Robust C++  


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  • "How can I use C++ with SIL X?"
  • "Are there any unsafe C++ mechanisms?"
  • "Make the several coding guidelines (e.g. MISRA) any sense?"
  • "How do tools help me?"
  • "How can I test?"
Safe and robust C++, safety and security, 3 days (with exercises)

Hardening software systems by security specialists as a hindsight activity doesn't work: Really safe and secure systems are designed and implemented securely from the beginning. While C has a somewhat bad reputation (buffer overflows) with respect to safety and security, C++ has a variety of mechanisms that allow safe and secure programs from the start. However, C++ (like any other programming language) also allows to build unsafe programs.
Also many safety and security related bugs are introduced afterwards in maintenance, refactoring or while providing extensions. "Source code is the only reliable documentation" is a well known fact. But it's important to clearly provide the informationon preconditions, invariants and constraints of a programming artefact in the code.
Reasonable coding guidelines can help with this while counter-productive rules cause less safe workarounds.

Seminar Goal
In Safe and robust C++, safety and security you'll learn the concepts to design safe, secure and robust systems. You'll practice the application of respective guidelines to realize safe, bugfree programs.

C++ programmers, library developers, system designers, quality managers

You know the details of C++11/14/17 well (as presented in the seminars C++ Advanced or C++ 11/14/17) and used them for some time.

  • Safe coding, defensive programming
  • Undefined, unspecified,implemenation defined
  • Optimizers
  • Code as documentation
  • Basic rules
  • Modules
  • OO design
  • Copy and move
  • Exceptions
  • STL
  • Ownership
  • Rule of Zero
  • Guidelines
  • Review process
  • Test and validation

Safe and robust C++, safety and security is a design and programming seminar. You'll learn with real-word examples how to apply programming guidelines and realize safe and robust programs.

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