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  • "Why is my C++ program so slow?"
  • "What are the performance costs of shared pointers?"
  • "Which mechanisms exist to manage lots of small objects in C++ efficiently?"
  • "How can design patterns efficiently implemented in C++?"
Perfomance Oriented C++ Design, 2 days (with exercises)

Many C++ programs are slower than their C counterparts. Though C++ is actually a faster language than C. But C++ programmers often use design mechanisms that cost performance if not adequately applied for C++.
However, C++ provides features to implement modern object-oriented designs in a way that outperform C.

Seminar Goal
In Perfomance Oriented C++ Design you'll learn the performance costs of the different C++ mechanisms. You'll know the efficient implementation of widely used design patterns. You're able to design complex systems flexible and performant.

C++ programmers, library developers, system designers

You know the details of C++11/14/17 well (as presented in the seminars C++ Advanced or C++ 11/14/17) and used them for some time.
You have some experience designing object-oriented systems (as presented in the seminar OO Design).

  • Performance costs of C++ language features
  • Performance costs of flexible design
  • Modern hardware architectures
  • Memory bottlenecks
  • Stack vs. heap
  • C++ mechanisms
  • C++ idioms
  • Interfaces with templates
  • Allocators
  • Smart pointers
  • Parallel performance

Perfomance Oriented C++ Design is a design and programming seminar. You'll learn with real-word examples how to design flexible systems and implement them efficiently in C++. The presented techniques are realized with real-world exercises.

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