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C++ Concurrency  


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  • "How can I employ all the cores of my CPU?"
  • "How does C++11/14 help me with concurrency and parallelism?"
  • "Which synchronization mechanisms exist in C++?"
  • "How can I avoid race conditions?"
  • "How does the STL work with concurrency and in parallel?"
C++ Concurrency, 2 days (with exercises)

In many modern systems several threads run at once. These must be synchronized to avoid bad surprises. Also, modern processors often have more than one core and it would be a waste not to use them. But synchronization errors typically are very hard to debug.
C++11/14 provide mechanisms to ease the handling and synchronization of several threads. Modern C++ also provides mechanisms to use multiple cores safely without explicit synchronization.

Seminar Goal
In C++ Concurrency you'll learn when and how to synchronize parallel and concurrent threads. You know the mechanisms of C++11/14 and beyond to exploit the multiple cores in your systems. You apply the tools that the standard libraries and others provide to run several threads easily and clearly.

C++ programmers, library developers, system designers

You know the details of C++11 (as presented in the seminars C++ Advanced or C++ 11/14) and used them for some time.

  • Concurrency vs. parallelism
  • Futures and async
  • Processes and threads
  • Synchronization problems
  • The memory model and its implications
  • Synchronization mechanisms
  • Mutex and semaphor
  • C++11/C++14 mechanisms
  • Beyond C++14
  • Atomics and their problems
  • Design patterns for concurrency and parallism
  • Libraries: existing and future building blocks

C++ Concurrency is a hands-on seminar. A substantial part of the programme consists of programming exercises. You'll learn with real-word examples how to use and design concurrency and parallelism in your systems and synchronize them correctly and efficiently.

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