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Advanced C++ Concurrency, Parallelism  


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  • "How do I implement parallel data structures?"
  • "What exactly is 'lock-free'?"
  • "Can I really get better performance?"
  • "What can go wrong?"
  • "What about different CPU architectures?"
  • "What about the GPU?"
Advanced C++ concurrency and parallelism, 2 days (with exercises)

Modern C++ provides a number of mechanisms to allow for easier multithreading. But as soon as you leave the mainstream path and want to realize special requirements a lot of things can go wrong.
But if you avoid the pitfalls, C++ provides numerous features to develop high performance and correctly working applications.

Seminar Goal
In Advanced C++ concurrency and parallelism you'll learn the details required to realize special demands. You know the traps and pitfalls lurking in parallel and concurrent systems and the machanisms to avoid them. You'll practice the low-level libraries and interfaces in C++ to realize own data and control structures.

C++ programmers, library developers

You already know about concurrency, parallelism and multithreading in C++ (as presented in the workshop C++ Concurrency and used them for some time.

  • Processes and threads
  • Low-level C++ mechanisms
  • The memory model and its implications
  • Synchronization mechanisms
  • Mutex, semaphor and condition variable
  • Synchronization problems
  • Atomics and their problems
  • Lock-free mechanisms
  • Performance
  • Testing and debugging

Advanced C++ concurrency and parallelism is a design and programming seminar. You'll learn with real-word examples how to detect concurrency and parallelism traps and pitfalls in your systems and practice the correct realization in C++.

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