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C++ Refresher  


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  • "How was that again?"
  • "What are the details to care about?"
  • "What does the C++ standard library provide?"
  • "How to combine object-orientation and C++ efficiently?"
C++ Refresher, 3 days

You know C++ but haven't used it for some time.
Your working C++ knowledge is not up to date.
You're not fluent in lot's of C++ details.
You're migrating from C to C++
You're interested to program in C++11/14/17 but don't have a firm grasp on C++98/03.
This is where C++ Refresher comes in. The basic mechanisms of modern C++ (mainly before C++11) are presented and repeated together with their design base.
Note: the extensions of C++11 are presented in its own seminar C++11/14/17. They're not ommitted in this seminar but also not explicitly presented.

Seminar Goal
In this seminar you learn to program in modern C++ and use its language and library facilities adequately. You apply the standard library and feel comfortable with the concepts of C++. You're able to model requirements object-oriented and implement them in C++.

programmers, software developers, software designers

You know C++ and you've programmed before in C or C++.

  • Basics
  • Functions
  • Object-oriented development
  • Modularization
  • Standard library
  • Polymorphism
  • Operator overloading
  • Exceptions

C++ Refresher is a hands-on workshop. A substantial part of the programme consists of programming exercises. You'll learn with real-word examples how to design your programs correctly and how to use the various language features and library components.

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