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C++ Advanced  


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  • "What's polymorphism?"
  • "How do I optimize the usage of the STL?"
  • "Which operators can and should I overload?"
  • "What are those templates about?"
  • "What are lambdas good for?"
C++ Advanced, 5 days

C++ is often called a complex language. What's definitely true is that C++ provides many different tools to construct a program. Correctly used these mechanisms provide the opportunity to create clean, clear, flexible and highly performant systems.
C++ Advanced presents the current standard C++14. vollmann engineering also provides a pure update seminar for C++11/14.

Seminar Goal
In C++ Advanced you'll learn to use the different C++ mechanisms correctly and systematicly. You know the STL and more available libraries and extend them for your purpose. You apply interfaces, inheritance and templates systematicly and know the details you have to consider.

C++ programmers, library developers, system designers

You know the basics of C++ and used them for some time.

  • Polymorphism
  • Operator overloading
  • Templates
  • STL-Concepts
  • Boost and other libraries
  • Exceptions
  • much more...

C++ Advanced is a hands-on seminar. A substantial part of the programme consists of programming exercises. You'll learn with real-word examples how to design your programs correctly and how to use the various language features and library components.

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