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C++17 Update  


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  • "What new C++17?"
  • "Do compilers already support it?"
  • "Does the newest C++ matter to me?"
  • "Where can C++17 help me?"
C++17 Update, 2 days

Probably in December 2017 ISO will officially publish the new C++17 standard. And the mainstream compilers already support it.
On topof C++14 the new revision mainly provides new libraries, but also some language extensions that make working with templates more comfortable.
Note: This workshop presents only the new features of C++17 on top of C++14. Everything new since C++98/03 is presented in C++11/14/17.

Seminar Goal
C++17 Update updates you to the state of the art for programming with C++. You'll learn the new features of C++17 and practise their use with real world examples. You know the new possibilities of C++ language and library and can use them in your projects accordingly.

C++ programmers, library developers, system designers

You know the details of C++14 well and have practical experience with it.

  • Small things
  • Filesystem
  • Parallel STL
  • Template mechanisms
  • string_view
  • Useful helpers
  • ...
  • Outlook to C++20 (and after)

All extensions of C++17 are at least shortly presented.

C++17 Update is a hands-on seminar. A substantial part of the programme consists of programming exercises. You'll learn with real-world examples how to design your programs correctly and how to use the various language features and library components.

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