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  • "What new C++11? "
  • "C++14: already something new again? "
  • "Does the new C++ matter to me?"
  • "Where can C++11 help me?"
  • "How do I use this new stuff?"
C++11/14, 3 days

In September 2011 the new revision of the C++ (commonly named C++11) standard was published by ISO, and in December 2014 the update to C++14 was published. Many of the new features of C++11 and C++14 are already supported by current compilers. Those new features range from small enhancements over new library components to complete new language mechanisms.
The new language features and library components help with your daily programming job, enable better modularized systems and can make programming more efficient and still produce better runtime performance.
Note: One of the major new features in C++11 is the support for concurrency and parallelism. The respective mechanisms in C++11/C++14 are not part of this seminar but deserve a seminar on it's own: C++ Concurrency.

Seminar Goal
C++11/14 seminar updates you to the state of the art for programming with C++. You'll learn the new features of C++11 and C++14 and practise their use with real world examples. You know the new possibilities of C++ language and library and can use them in your projects accordingly.

C++ programmers, library developers, system designers

You know the details of C++98/C++03 well and have practical experience with it.

  • Initialization
  • constexpr
  • auto
  • New for loops
  • Move semantics and rvalue references
  • Lambdas
  • Regular Expressions
  • Random numbers
  • Allocators
  • Smart pointers
  • ...

C++11/14 is a hands-on seminar. A substantial part of the programme consists of programming exercises. You'll learn with real-world examples how to design your programs correctly and how to use the various language features and library components.

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