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vollmann engineering provides a broad range of consulting services. Examples of these include

  • definition of the project team
  • planning a software project
  • definition of the development environment
  • setup of the best suited software architecture
  • review of the analysis results
  • creating the software design
  • design review
  • implementation support
  • code review
  • test planning
  • deployment planning

All these services are provided in the know-how domains of vollmann engineering:

  • software development process
  • object-oriented technologies
  • C++
  • embedded systems
  • Unix/Linux/Windows
  • Client/Server
  • databases

A special service is provided for C++: as active part in the C++ standardization process, vollmann engineering reviews and re-designs existing C++ code along the words and spirit of modern C++.

If you have special needs, or if you just want more information, contact vollmann engineering to see how we can serve you best.

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