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vollmann engineering not only provides a broad range of consulting services, but also coaching and mentoring. While the used techniques for coaching are often the same as for consulting (design sessions, design reviews, code reviews), the focus is a littlebit different: for consulting, the main goal is to create a good system, while for coaching it is more important to transfer the know-how and enable the developers to build better systems.

The main domains where vollmann engineering provides coaching services are

  • object-oriented technologies
  • C++
  • embedded systems
  • Client/Server systems
  • databases

For mentoring, the focus is even more on the educational aspect. Here, an education goal is defined for a person or a group, and vollmann engineering will assist and support this person or group in a real project to accomplish this goal.

If you have special needs, or if you just want more information, contact vollmann engineering to see how we can serve you best.

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